Photos from the
Strejcek Family

Kier with a swing Nate and Kier at breakfast table Nate and Kier with hose Nathan in his room c. 1980 Kier at Northwestern
Kier and Nathan through the years.

Click to see Revolt! at YouTube
Kier made a movie in 1975 with Nathan and many neighborhood kids. Click above to see it on YouTube.

Click to see a movie of this sculpture on YouTube
Cathleen created this ceramic sculpture shortly after the 2001 demise of

McPherson side in 1968, Greenville, OH McPherson side in 1968, Greenville, OH Cregier side in 1990, after the wedding rehearsal
Family photos: 1968, 1988, 1990

Barry and Kier visit in Barry's old Capitol Hill townhouse c.1979
Barry and Kier visit in Barry's old Capitol Hill townhouse c. 1979.

Grammy McPherson crosses Chain Bridge with Nathan Mardi, Nathan (obscured), Kier, Barry and Jody view the Potomac River Kier and Nathan and the Potomac River Potomac River and trees on upstream side of Chain Bridge
Chain Bridge in the wake of Tropical Storm Agnes in 1972.

Key elementary 1972 graduating class
Key elementary class of 1972.

Conor, Kier and Liam
Conor, Kier and Liam in 2003.

Liam under cabbage
Liam tests an old wives' tale (c. 2003).

Jody, Conor and Pat
Conor with his grandmothers in April 2003.

Nathan, Conor and Liam
The 3 GameBoy Players (Nathan, Conor, Liam), Christmas 2001.

Conor's 9th birthday party
Conor, Liam, Logan, Rustin, Spencer, Max and more at Conor's 9th birthday party.

"Happy Birthday!"

Kimo, our new cat Wasabe
Our cats: Kimo (in 2004), and Wasabe (c. 2000).