The Front Lines at The Ritz

Phil says:

What I remember from the Ritz gig, besides it being so huge, was that we were opening for Gang of Four. When we heard they were cancelling, I think we were really worried about a hostile crowd. But the gig went well, and I remember the monitor guy telling me to go back out after we were done and we did an encore. Sam (our sound man) had a sound board tape from that. The balances were off as per SB tapes, but I might have a copy somewhere. That was a good night. I remember dedicating a song to my brother and sister-in-law that night, which she still talks about.

Kier says:

The Ritz seemed bigger than the Park West to me, in both size and importance. I remember the audience being very receptive and interested in a band from Chicago, with none of the arrogance New Yorkers are famous for. I remember Steve put riders in the contract that were often crossed out, like the band needs orange juice or Heineken or something, but The Ritz gave it all to us. I had feared getting short shrift, being unheard-of in the Big Apple, playing before Gang of Four, and all, but they treated us like royalty, which I think boosted our confidence and helped our performance. On some other occasion, I saw Fishbone play at The Ritz, and they were incredibly loud. I hope we weren't that loud, because my ears were ringing for a while after that.