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November 22, 2014

Hi Kier (if this gets to you)

This will seem to come out of nowhere.

My name is Glenn.
I was a DJ in Chicago in the 80s - Neo Exit etc.
I have recently been playing again around Chicago.

I played at the O'Banions reunion we have every year and in preparation I started reading a bunch of old Chicago Fanzines called "The Coolest Retard."
In an issue for 1981, I came across a list of new songs that had "Dying in Fiction" listed. I found it on YouTube and it quickly became a favorite.
I played it Last Saturday night at the Lincoln tap where we were having a retirement Gig for Terry Fox.

I just wanted to let you know how great I think your band was. (sorry its take me so long to find that)
I also did not know you were from Chicago until tonight when I was searching, trying to find other songs by The Front Lines.

I would love to find a copy of your single so I could include it when I play vinyl.

We most likely have some common friends. (Are you on Facebook?)

Anyway just wanted you to know that even tho you made music a while back.... It's still being found and appreciated today! You guys rock like crazy!


-- Glenn

April 12, 2013

Hello Front Lines.
How do you do ? I'm Hideaki living in Japan, I'm sending this mail to ask you a question.
Fortunately I already have the above record, But I don't have Capital Attraction 7".
Do you have any spare copy for sell? If you have it, Please let me know.
Sorry for my awful English, Hope you understand something, I really hope to hear a good news from you soon.

Sayonara (means good-by in Japanese)

  • Kier thanked him for his interest.

Hello again Kier.
Thanks for your kind reply, Wow ! That's great ! I'm talking with a member of FRONT LINES !
I can't believe this ! I'm so happy to talk with you.

Well, I'm collecting US punk and powerpop single records (period from 1976 to 1985 single records only though) over 25 years, and fortunately I got Night Napalm 7" about 20 years ago. Because I have some good American friends. and I'm still looking for Capital Attraction 7", But unfortunately, I can't get it by now.

The other day I fiund your website, So I sent a mail to you. This is a whole story, If you can sell me a copy, I'm so happy. And how about Night Napalm 7" too ? My copy is not so good condition, So I want to get mint one if I can do.
I'm living in Hiroshima Japan. My town is very very small town, and there is no music scene.

Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Anyway hope to hear from you again soon.


  • We never received his address. Maybe I should put the single on eBay to make it easier to ship. The shipping will far outweigh the value of the single.

September 18, 2012

I stumbled across your website today. I googled the expression ["The Front Lines" EP] and another site came up that had the cover art and track list for your "Where Do We Go From Here?" EP (which I own) as well as a link to your site. Awesome. Google does know everything.

I went to Northwestern way back when, too. Saw The Front Lines on campus several times and bought that EP then. Those 4 songs burrowed into my brain along with all the other music from that era.

Thanks for putting that information up on the web. I'll check out your other music soon.


June 18, 2010

hello Strejckz!

this is Pier from Rave Up records, a label specialist in US punk rock reissues on vilyl (
I just listened your stuff on:

and I really enjoyed!
are you interested to release with us a vinyl anthology?

all the best
Roma, Italy

May 25, 2010

Hi Kier,

I am a collector of early punk/powerpop vinyl from around the US. I've had the Front Lines EP on tape for a number of years and recently came across your site with the mp3 download of "Dying In Fiction" (the standout track in my opinion). Do you happen to have a copy of the vinyl record available that I could purchase? Never got around to picking one up. Thanks in advance!

--J (Providence, RI)

  • Sadly our first output (actually a 4-song EP at 33-1/3 rpm) sold out rather fast way back when. I found one in a used record store in Evanston once. If I ever see another I'll buy it too. I do have some extra of our second record (an actual 45) with "Capital Attraction" and "In This Universe." I've had several other requests for the first EP, but no one seems to want the second one. Oh, well.

Well, I guess that's good that it sold out back then! Thanks in advance for being on the're in a better location than I for it to turn up in a used store. It does pop up online occasionally, I just always forget to look. (My new car can play mp3s, and I threw a ton of stuff on a CD-R for my work commute and "Dying In Fiction" came on this morning, which reminded me to email you.) I think most punk/garage type collectors probably find the second single more produced/commercial sounding...not that it's a bad record, it just doesn't appeal to the tastes of people in that genre.

Anyways, thanks for your fast reply, and best of luck with your current pursuits!


January 10, 2010


Stumbled across your site via a Chicago punk music history website. I really like the music page where you discuss all of your connections -- in fact, when I first saw your name and realized you were from the D.C. area, I wondered whether you were related to Nathan -- turns out you are. The Whiteboy connection is also interesting -- a local I know took a picture for one of their singles (the one with the girl who looks like a possessed Linda Blair from the Exorcist). Cool stuff. I also appreciate you posting songs from not only your released singles, but also all of the other demo recordings you made -- these are the sorts of things that so often never see the light of day.

Anyway, I am curious whether you have a couple spare copies of your EP from 1980. A friend and I are collectors of American independently released records (not limited to punk) and would very much like a copy. I would be more than happy to pay for them -- just let me know how much you want for them.

D. R.

  • Kier responded: The 4-song Where Do We Go from Here? E.P. is rare. We sold them all when first pressed. We probably could have had a second pressing, but moved forward and did the Capital Attraction single. I do have some of the single if you're interested. I found an E.P. in a used record store and bought it a while back. Good luck even finding a store now. Its rarity is one reason I posted the MP3s. I have received a few requests for the vinyl E.P. but nowhere near enough to re-press it.

D. R. responded: Thanks for the reply. I'm not surprised they all sold out back when -- it's a pretty good record for the time. I'll keep scouring the used bins when I come across them. Again -- thanks for posting the MP3s.

May 1, 2008

The Illustrated History of The Front Lines, Vol. II (slight return)

Phil sent me a link to your home site. The band history was really good- I had forgotten how much you'd done but haven't forgotten the songs.

You might remember that I left 2nd Hand Tunes to work with Ralph C - and I'm still doing it. It's a bit strange that I'm promoting a Disney star (as "Ralph's World") but in the words of Shaun Cassidy, "That's Rock'N'Roll". (Actually Eric Carmen wrote that song... )

And my wife's band, The New Jack Lords, is playing Lollapalooza this year (it'll be announced soon... ) and she's touring Spain in September with Jimmy Sutton's Del Moroccos.

--Rob G

April 16, 2008


You probably don't remember me, but I lived in the Apartments my sophomore year and attended NU at the same time you did. I was a big fan of the Front Lines and for some reason--who knows why--I thought of you and the band and I googled you a few days ago. Lo and behold, I found your site and the links to listen to Front Lines songs. They brought back great memories, and they still sound good (the Clash and Elvis Costello influences are much more obvious, maybe because at the time we thought that all music should sound that way).

Ever thought about a re-union concert?

Just wanted to say thanks.

Steve S.

  • Kier responded: You're welcome. (We're friends on Facebook now.)

October 8, 2007

hi kier.

i heard the ep at cary baker's, who was a chicago music critic back in the day. i'd really like to buy both records if you can dig up a copy of the ep.



  • Kier responded: We only have the second record available, but all the songs are here on this website.

September 5, 2007

HEY! Why did it take me so long to find your web site.

Just wanted to say thanks for putting up all the songs. I was at NU 1980-82 and transferred away after the major price hike announced in spring of 82. My best memories of NU are going to any party I could get into where the Front Lines were playing. I have your EP and your single BUT no longer have a turntable, so thanks for letting us download the MP3s. A (very high) number of years ago I did a 6 volume compendium of songs that mattered to me, called "Music for Turning 30", (um...that means 15 years ago. grrr). I've been thinking of updating that and getting onto MP3, though it'll probably not be done in time for "Music for Turning 45" as that is next Tuesday...But the point is, several of your songs made it onto the compilation.

Last night I was talking to a work colleague who is going on her first trip to Chicago to a conference. She's an academic medic specialising in leprosy which as she told me is carried in the US by armadillos. I promised to send her some suggestions for Chicago, and between that and her mentioning armadillos (I told her NU had an "Armadillo Day") I was galvanised to try to find you guys on the web (I tried once before a few years ago with no success).

Just wanted to say thanks for the brilliant music, and I'm glad you've posted the gig list (I was at lots of them from rush week 1980 till June 82). We never met, but you may have seen the deeply embarrassing photo of me in the Daily Northwestern: me hanging over "The Rock" (the only bit of me you can see is my butt and legs) because it was me and a friend who started that year's "peel" that got all the way down to base rock level, and netted an editorial in the paper.

I live in the UK now, where I work as an IT manager for a large department of Infectious & Tropical Diseases (hence a colleague who works on leprosy) at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Anyway...thanks from your biggest UK fan. Also thanks for the link to the TomPaine website...that looks good.


  • Kier responded: Wow, a real fan found the web site! I only set up the bands part last year. Phil and I had discussed for years the master tapes and the likelihood of their decay, and how we should transfer them to CD. He finally took the reins and did so, though some stuff wasn't in good shape. I used that as impetus to scan photos and flyers, dig up gig dates and put it all together. So far, most of the viewers have been Front Lines and other band members, relatives and current friends. At least that I know of. If I get any more response emails, I may want to post them (edited). Would that be OK with you?

It is so incredibly cool to get a reply from someone in the band. I think that is only the second email fan mail I have ever written...(and the only one that ever got a reply)

If you ever put all your recordings on CD, I will buy one, but meantime, I'm so pleased about having the MP3s. I still know all the words from the 4 songs on the EP and the two on the single. It's brilliant to have them, since the only place I could listen to them was my car cassette player (my set of "Music for Turning 30") but the cassette player gave up the ghost about a month ago...

One of my friends at NU, Kate Barratt (long since lost touch with her) was involved with the Practical Theatre Co.... did you ever know her?

I'm fine to be quoted if you follow it up (Doesn't look like I said anything totally stupid??)


Please let me know if you put out anything in future. I am so chuffed (UK expression) that you wrote back...